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         Tchoukball is easy to play & rules are intuitive and easily to follow The game requires minimal equipment. It can be played indoors or outdoors. This game has no age limitations it accommodates mixed team play old/young, male/female, fit/unfit, experienced/beginner anyone can enjoy the game

      Tchoukball is a genuine team sport Tchoukball does not allow contact or interference between players so it proves that there are not any possibilities to get injured no position is a human target, like a quarterback or goalie with no body contact no player can steal the ball nor intercept a pass, instead rewarding strategy and co-operation as teams play on both offense and defense.

         The main positive thing about the game is no tripping, no pushing, no intercepting, no blocking, etc. it means you can play faster and push the limits of sport much harder without fear of the opposition injuring you. Without physical contact between players or interception of the ball Tchoukball players are free to express themselves whilst playing in any way permitted by the rules.

         No player monopolizes the ball all the players must be involved, both on offense and defense Tchoukball requires alertness and concentration it teaches anticipation and physics, as well as teamwork and trust. It teaches the team leading quality & a perfect co-ordination Tchoukball is the perfect game for those who enjoy playing sport in a team Tchoukball promotes eye-hand coordination and develops skills that enhance physical and mental output.

         Tchoukball has a unique Charter which underpins the 'Spirit of the Game' so elusive in modern sport. Fair play and respect for the opposition is a fundamental part of the way in which Tchoukball is played. All physical contact between players and interceptions are banned, enabling all players of different shapes and sizes to play together.

         The technical demands of Tchoukball appeal to players who strive after beauty of play.

Indian Tchoukball Federation
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