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India and Pakistan
International Tchoukball Series held at:

        Pakistan visit India from 19th Sep 2008 to 25th Sep 2008. India gave a warm welcome to them and really they felt a homely pleasure in India. The first match of this international Tchoukball Series took place in Muzaffarnagar. A reputed institution S.D College of Managament and Studies Organised this series in its college campus. Sachin Chaudhary was declared the caption of Indian team and Mr. Jahid was the Caption of Pakistan team. India won the first series in Muzaffarnagar President "Mr. Bhuvnesh Kumar" and Secretary General. "Mr. Ajay Singh" had done their best to give every relief to Pakistan comers.

        The second series of International Tchoukball Match was held in Muradabad Both teams reached there by AC Bus, The District Magistrate gave a warm reception. After the photo session and print electronic media coverage the local administration of Muradabad with music programme and served the dinner.District Magistrate, Senior Superintendent of Police delivered their messages and the President Mr. Bhuvnesh Kumar as well as Secretry General Mr. Ajay Singh were present there.In this Match Pakistan was the winner. In Muradabad Pakistan team members were given the cash prize along with Individual prize and a big size trophy.

        The third series was held in Agra on 23 sep 2008 team reached in Agra where the players were given the accommodation in hotels. India team was winner by the average of the score of the both teams. During prize distribution the individual prizes were given to both teams.

Visit Of Taj Mahal
'A Historical Building'
During 'Agra' Matches.

        On 24 th Sep 2008 both India and Pakistan made the visit of taj Mahal at Agra. Taj Mahal is a Historical Monument and one of the seven wonders of the world . It is a building built on a platform by fine white marble. Pakistan team got a great zeal and forgot their tiredness to see the beauty of TajMahal.

Year 2008-2009

Year Of Great Activity" Three Friendly Matches "INDIA" v/s "PAKISTAN".

21 Sep. 2008
Muzaffarnagar City
(India Winner)
22 Sep. 2008
Moradabad City
(Pakistan Winner)
23 Sep. 2008
Agra City
(India Winner)
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