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Introduction Of Tchoukball

        Tchoukball was born out of the throught of Dr. Hermann Brandt during the Sixties. He wanted to create throught tchoukball a sport that would allow the individual to acquire & to maintain a lasting physical mental & social balance.

        In 1968, he organises demonstrations and conferences on tchoukball and in 1969, with the help of Michel Favere he writes the first book on Tchoukball " Scientific Critical study on Team Sports".

         In 1971 the international tchoukball federation as well as the first two national federations (Swiss & French) were created . On Nov. 15, 1972 Dr.H.Brandt in Geneva. Since that date Michel Favre (Switzerland)and John Andrews Great Britain) took over the Lead and made Switzerland & the rest of the world (Taiwan, Brazil Argentina India and Pakistan) Discover tchoukball.


      Dr. Hermann Brandt was the inventor of Tchoukball, he was a Swiss biologist. The name of the game was chosen so that it had no need to be translated throughout the world due to the word 'Tchouk' being onomatopoeic of the sound the ball makes when it rebounds off of the frame.

        Tchoukball is a sport which can be played by all ages. It can be played almost anywhere as long as there is enough space for a court. If not then the court size can be scaled down.

Indian Tchoukball Federation
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2. AndhraPradesh
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