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There are no designed sides :-

• It is illegal to intercept a pass from the other team.
• No more than three passes before shot.
• No more than three steps by a player holding the ball.

         There are certain rules beyond the basic point scoring system described in tactics which every Tchoukball player should be aware of, for example foul moves which would result in loss of possession.

Following is a list of rules including foul moves:-

• No player can stand in the 'D' with the ball, although it is allowed to be airborne.
• Only 3 consecutive shots at a frame from both teams are allowed.
• Any interfering with another team’s passes or movement is not allowed Only 3 passes between a team is allowed. Making 4 is considered a foul.
• Catching a rebound from your teams shot is not allowed.
• Stepping out of bounds with the ball is a foul.
• Dropping the ball is a foul.

         A Foul result in the opposing team gaining possession at the site of the foul. This team must then make one pass before they can shoot at goal. After a point is scored the other team restarts the game behind the scoring frame.

         The list of rules and tactics in Tchoukball is short and simple to learn so making for a fast flowing game which is demanding enough for every level of player, from beginner to professional!

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